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Our Audience

TDI is a national advocacy organization representing more than 48 million Americans. In 1968, TDI published the world’s first deaf and hard of hearing directory of TTY users, affectionately known as the Blue Book. What started out as a modest directory quickly grew into a DHH household staple.

Today, the Blue Book is a world wide directory listing of businesses, schools, organizations, and government agencies that have a vested interest in the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Over 5% of the world’s population – or 430 million people – have hearing loss.The Blue Book reaches these consumers by promoting businesses owned, operated, patronized, or marketed to deaf and hard of hearing people.


Advertising options
The Blue Book offers three advertising packages: 

  • Leaderboard (720×90) – exposure on all TDI Blue Book webpages

  • Medium sidebar (300×250) – shown on all unclaimed business listings

  • Small sidebar (200×200) – reserved for DHH businesses

Contact us to find the right placement and frequency for your budget. 

We’l help target your ads to specific audience members:

  • Geo Targeting – Show your ads based on specific geolocation, e.g. city, state, or country.

  • Device – Display your ads on mobile, tablets, desktop or all the above.

  • Language – Target visitors with a specific language set up in their browser. i.e. Ads in Spanish will be shown to those who prefer the language.

  • User Log-in / New Accounts – Reach users who are new to the site, or those logged in.

Cost vary depending on size, frequency and duration of ad. 
Contact us today to get your Ad up and running instantly. 

Blue Book Ad Team
Phone: 301-563-9112

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