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By listing your company, you support TDI’s advocacy work in the nation’s capital. TDI works to continuously improve the telecommunications relay system, captioning of televised broadcasts and internet media, accessibility features in technology like gaming, self-driving cars, next generation 911 emergency services, and more.

Businesses and organizations that market to deaf and hard of hearing consumers can list their company. There are five affiliate/ business listings to choose from.

Affiliates Cost Benefits
Start-up FREE Basic Listing in Blue Book (no clickable data / links)
Nonprofit / Gov’t $80 Full Listing Features in Blue Book:
* Logo
* No Sidebar Ads on your company’s detail page listing
* Address, Phone Numbers, Emails
* Social media links
* Photos, Franchises/Chapters, Reviews, Special Offers
* Future listing offerings
Small Business $100
Company $250 Full Listing Features, and:
   + One Professional Membership
   + Priority Seating Discount to TDI Events & Receptions
Corporate $500 All Benefits of ‘Company’, and:
+ One Professional Membership (total 2)

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